In November 2004 we started the journey to bring a baby home from China ... five years later, in October 2009, we met Isobel Pingqin.
Our little livewire known as Izzy.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Five weeks to go until we meet Izzy

More progress this week. We have confirmation that handover will definitely be on Monday 19 October in Nanchang.

Flights were confirmed and paid for this week, and accommodation has been confirmed by the Chinese agency who arrange that side of things.

We had confirmation also that our immigration documents arrived in China, as did all the paperwork DoCS were sending to the Chinese adoption agency.

We arranged for a soft baby photo album with photos of Peter, Ben and I to be sent to Izzy at her foster family's home - hopefully this will make it to her and she will be able to see what we look like. It will still be extremely distressing for her when she meets us for the first time, however hopefully if she has seen the photos she won't be as scared.

We will be applying for our Chinese visas on Monday and having the last of our travel vaccinations this week.

We fly out of Australia on Tuesday 13 October, have a two day stop over in Hong Kong so we can take Ben to Disneyland there, then straight into Nanchang which is where we will collect Izzy on the Monday.

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