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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We are exausted... and have moved out

What a weekend Easter was. Five days of non-stop moving - moving into the granny flat, moving the rest of our possessions into our storage shed, moving furniture that doesn't fit in the granny flat into Peter's parents' garage, then pulling everything out of our old house that we want to keep.

The old house basically looks like a shell of a house now. We sold our kitchen appliances, have pulled out the cupboards to keep for the laundry in the new house (we only built the kitchen 4 years ago), relocated our garden shed and moved all our "outdoor stuff" into it.

Some photos of the demolition we did (the REAL demolition starts on Monday) - can't wait to watch!

I've still got a trampoline!

The demolition of the kitchen begins...
The kitchen now sits in the loungeroom waiting to go to storage

where's the sink gone?

half gone

boxes waiting to go to storage

drawing on walls was now permitted!

boxes waiting to be packed

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