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Sunday, January 8, 2012

House update and photos

Especially for Angela, a whole lot of updated photos of the progress.

The builders are officially on holidays for the whole of January, however some of the subcontractors have been coming to do some bits and pieces.
We will be moving house twice as our friends we are living with move house on 14 Feb. We will move with them, and then again when our house is finished (hopefully sometime in March)

From kitchen, door through to garage. In the garage we've put in an attic ladder going up to a roof storage cavity.
Door handles on all internal doors.
These are hidden cavity doors which we can use to close off the front from the back of the house.
Entrance (inside)
Walk-in-pantry waiting for shelves to be built.
Looking into kitchen from open plan living room.
Back of the island, now has doors and drawer fronts.
These are the "accessories" that go with my sink - I'm desperate to open this package.
Sink mounted under bench.
We have telephone connections ready to go.
Termite protection
Ben & Izzy's bathroom - shower screen, mirror and towel rails went in last week.
Ben & Izzy's bathroom - the bath has been in the kitchen for months now.
Same basins in ensuite and WC. Peter hates the basins.

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