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Friday, January 20, 2012

House - we're nearly there!

My favourite thing in the house was supposed to be my ensuite, but the tilers have totally stuffed up the tiles on my feature wall... and there are no more in Australia. So we have a dud ensuite.

So I now have a new favourite - I hadn't thought about what this would look like, and now that it is built, it's pretty fantastic - my pantry!!!
We decided to go for colour in our media room.
Water tank - not sure how it all works, hopefully there will be some instructions as we have grey water and mains water throughout.
Posts in for back retaining wall, the rest of it goes in tomorrow.
First few posts in of northern retaining wall - these plants have survive so far.
Urban Grey is the colour of the weatherboard sections
This is what happens to bad brickwork...
the Department of Fair Trading orders builders to render
The dark grey areas were always going to be rendered, the lighter colour is "paperbark" .

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