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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We move in this weekend!

So the planned "handover" with the worst builders in the world went ahead on Friday 16th. It took 3 hours and they went away with a long list of small defects to be fixed. We had gone through the house the weekend before and decided that the things left on the list on Friday were things we were prepared to fix ourselves as I really don't see the builders coming back unless I get my friendly inspector from the Dept of Fair Trading involved again. Anyway, they are all minor cosmetic type things so they won't affect us being able to live in the house.

Our wonderful tiler started work last week and has been tiling away every day getting the floors ready for us to move in this weekend. He should be finished inside but will probably still be working on the front entrance and alfresco next week.

We had wanted to have the carpet laid this Friday, and the carpet people had said all they needed was 2 weeks notice, but obviously this isn't the case as they can't do it Friday. They will do it Monday so we will have to leave all the bedroom furniture out in the living room over the weekend ready for carpet on Monday morning.

Drainage in the front yard has been dug out and our driveway may start Thurs or Fri.

We've hired a truck to move all our gear back in... but probably should have thought about booking it a bit earlier than today so we could get a truck locally!

Retaining walls are nearly finished (including a drive to Canberra and back on Monday so I could collect 9 extra sleepers that we were short).

Phone and internet connected yesterday. Electricity and gas already on, however I'm a bit nervous about the "switch over " which should be happening tomorrow as they couldn't guarantee me that the power will stay on.

We have to build my laundry (cupboards etc) and hopefully that will happen next week, finish the landscaping (that will take a while) and then enjoy! Down the track we'll get some more furniture to fill the extra space.

Stanley (our new cat) will come home on Good Friday and hopefully by the end of Easter weekend it will be looking like a home. If you're in the area, feel free to come see!

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