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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We've been "home" for a week now

We love having our own house again, but we've still got a lot to do. We have old sheets hanging over windows - will be there for about six weeks until blinds and shutters arrive.
All the landscaping still needs to happen and it seems no matter how many days we spend out there digging and building retaining walls, it still looks like a house stuck in the middle of a clay pit. Our driveway will be poured on Thursday. The drainage and retaining walls have been built out the front, once the driveway goes in we can get some soil and turf delivered. Then we can start on the back yard.
Front yard with retaining walls half built, and driveway half built.
Backyard - I have a washing line again! Grass down the back has now been mowed, need soil and turf on top level near washing line.
This is my laundry that Peter is building - should be finished tomorrow (if I have my way).
The entrance to the house looked like this until Sunday.
The media room is where unpacked stuff lives. Still have to unpack all of Peter and my clothes - we have a walk in robe but no shelving.
Ben and Izzy's rooms are nearly finished.
I was dreading having to rebuild Lego City.
This is one of my favourite things I put in Izzy's room! Her room is SO PRETTY - won't take an overall photo until she has shutters on the window and pictures up on the wall. It will be all pink and green.
And this is my favourite room of all. We call it the "toy room". Ben and Izzy love it in there, they have all their toys, their DVDs etc. No longer do I have toys all over the living room floor... no longer do I have to listen to the same DVDs over and over again.
And the new addition who has made himself very much at home - Stanley! He looks big in this photo but he is actually very small. He is 5 1/2 months old and CRAZY.

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