In November 2004 we started the journey to bring a baby home from China ... five years later, in October 2009, we met Isobel Pingqin.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A few finished things

This is our finished retaining wall - well the planks anyway. It is made from concrete sleepers so should last forever. Plants will go up on the top section, grass down the bottom. This is in the front yard.
The finished laundry. We actually used all the cupboards from the kitchen in our old house. We built that kitchen about 5 years ago, so pulled it all out before the house was demolished, just added new doors and new benchtop.
The attic where we will put some flooring and turn it into a big storage space.
One of my favourite things - you could seriously drown under this shower.
This is our next work in progress we are building at the moment - it is our "office in a cupboard". We made the cupboard in the media room extra big so we could build a desk and shelving inside and close the doors when we don't want to see it all.
And for those of you who have heard me whinge about the clothes washing situation over the last year - you'll appreciate this photo and know how happy it made me.

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