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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More new house

More progress in the laundry today - looks like I'll be able to do my first load of washing in a year! My mum will be pleased - she has been washing and folding all our clothes for a year now.

Driveway is now not being poured until next week - it will be a really dark charcoal colour to match the roof.

Walk in pantry - one of my favourite things. I actually use it as a large storage cupboard. There is no food in there. I've decided to put all the food in the large drawers on one side of the oven so I can easily grab when cooking. My walk in pantry has all my appliances, all my plastic containers, large things like salad bowls, jugs - and there are spare shelves. I've never had so much storage. This photo of it looks messy but it must be the angle because it looks quite neat inside. The walk in pantry cupboard and extra large linen cupboards were things we added because we had no storage in our old house.

Living room - this room looks very brown. The brown lounge will eventually go in the media room and we want a red lounge for out here. But for now, the brown has to do.
The house looks quite bare. Our dining table looks tiny - too small. So many walls and no pictures to hang. That will have to be a work in progress.
Kitchen - still need to have the splashback tiled. Our tiler is coming back "any day"... just which it was some day soon! Picture below of what the tiles are that are going behind the oven.

These silver mosaic tiles are what we are having for our splashback in the kitchen.


Big oven!
Still haven't started on our bedroom or the bathrooms. Bathrooms might be my project for tomorrow. I'm on two weeks holiday from tomorrow so want to try and get all the left over stuff unpacked.

Need to get some flooring sheets in the attic as we hae put in an attic ladder for lots of roof storage.

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